Convert website to a Webview APK

Hi all . do you have a website / blog sometimes we as website owners cannot maintain our visitors because some visitors are looking for content using Google's search engine. therefore making an APK may be one of the best choices for maintaining your website visitors. There are several ways to make a website into an APK. here I will explain how to make your website an APK using Phonegap. directly, you can go to the phonegap site at You can register first if you don't have an account.  

Requires Keystore before Convert website to a Webview APK

Before you create an APK, you must have a keystore file to make your APK as a release version.  but if you don't have KEYSTORE yet, then you can read the tutorial to create a keystore on this link.

Code for Convert website to a Webview APK

After that, you can make 2 files named 
1. Index.html 
2. config.xml
3. logo.png
This is the code for your index.html.

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